Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Five years

Happy bloggiversary! April 13, 2010, I wrote my first ever blog on this page. It took me a while to get a hang of how it all worked, but here we are five years later. I've been through SO much in the last five years: homelessness, moving twice, a bad breakup, moving again, cancer, the loss and gain of a whole lot of friends, moving again, getting a job and a car and my license, finding the love of my life, changing jobs, and graduating school.
Over the next five years, I hope to graduate a few more times, and maybe we might get married and have a kid or two? Eventually, anyway. And moving is in the cards at least one or two more times (from a house with my boyfriend and our roommate, to an apartment of our own, to a house of our own eventually.)
Thank you to all of my followers, for being here for me through all of this. It's been an awesome five years of knitting. Here's to another five.

Sunday, April 12, 2015


I finally finished spinning that set of gradient fibers. Black Shetland, dark grey llama, mid-grey Jacob wool, light grey mohair, and white Cotswold wool. I have about 125 yards altogethher, and I'm not sure what to knit with it yet, but it's definitely ready for knitting!

I also made a little monster out of felt. My friend is adopting a baby, and she decided to go with a monster themed nursery because that's pretty gender neutral, and they aren't sure if they're getting a boy or girl.

I cut out a front and back, and then eyes and spots, and sewed them all to each other, lightly stuffed it, and then drew the smile and the pupils on with a fabric marker. He's going to get attached to a mobile to hang above the baby's crib, and the whole rest of the nursery has all kinds of adorable monsters.
Until next time, I'm still plugging away on pikachu and the blanket. And a baby sweater.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Window Garden

So Last time, I wanted to put my plants outside. My poor radishes ended up with root rot because I accidentally over-watered them. But the carrots are now in a window box instead of the small pot they were in. I even planted some more stuff and I've got a ton of sprouts! Cucumbers,
One TEEENY tiny tomato plant (the first tomato sprout died) that I'm hoping will do well
Sage babies still going strong.
My cantaloupes are so happy
And the cilantro is still going strong.
And of course the catnip is pretty strong too.

I'm still chugging along on Pikachu pieces, too. I'm done with all of the limbs, just working on the head now. So it's definitely getting there! But much larger and more slowly than I'd thought.
My next post will probably be from mobile, because the pictures are all on my phone, and I have yarn that I've finally finished spinning (it looks like the last time I posted anything about the gradient set was waaay back in 2012) The full set comes up to about 125 yards, total, and I'm not quite sure what to do with it just yet. We'll see.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

April Showers

April showers bring May flowers, so they say. There's already flowers in my yard, and a baby shower coming at the end of May, so I have until then to turn this yarn and these buttons into a suitable gift for a summer baby boy.

Then, hopefully soon, I have things to move into the garden outside instead of my windowsill inside. Sage sprouts have appeared.
My carrots are almost as crazy as the radishes.
Some spearmint doing it's own thing.
And the cilantro, which has my entire living room smelling like it.
I love the weather we're having today because it makes me want to be productive. Not only did I take care of my garden and get the yarn for a baby gift, but I did laundry and washed the yarn I finished spinning the other day. AND hung out with one of my besties. I'm such an adult. Go me!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I have carrots!
And one teeeeeny tiiiiny forget me not sprout.
My cilantro and spearmint are also sprouting but they aren't quite big enough for pictures just yet. Soon, though!

Monday, March 23, 2015


 My radishes exploded and are basically ready to put outside, and some of them even have teeny tiny bulbs on them already. Too bad it snowed today.
 To keep myself busy while I wait for more gardening weather, I've been making two elephants for a commission. One pink and one blue. This pattern is very clever in its construction and I'm very fond of how cute it turned out. I have all the legs and ears done in both blue and pink, and the blue one is just about done altogether.

Soon, as in within the next day or two, I'll have them both done and ready to show off.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Monday I was off of work, and it was beautiful out (a high of 75 in Northern IL). So while my boyfriend cleaned, I opened all the windows and started planting my seeds indoors. I planted flowers, veggies, and some herbs.

Then I saw that our flowers from last year had bloomed already!

I have all of this (two pots of flowers, one is sage and one is cilantro, then there is radishes and carrots, and the egg on the top right is catnip) that I'm hoping will sprout soon, and the lower right one is my spider plant's first baby.

I was so productive Monday, I did all this planting and I baked a banana bread, and I made an arm for the Pikachu plush. One arm, two legs to go. Then the head and body.

With good weather comes good productivity :) I hope everyone else is having a good Spring so far!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Bring on the Spring

I bought a few things yesterday, and now I have a catnip plant terrarium! And some seeds and pots and soil to get my spring started :) I'm excited.

Friday, March 13, 2015


Today, I sat down and spun my last half ounce of white Cotswold wool from that sampler pack I got forever ago. Now I just need to ply it and I have finished the full gradient set!

In my fit of productiveness, I crocheted an octopus! I went up two hook sizes from what the pattern said because an E hook was just not going to work with Red Heart yarn.

And!!! Here is the promised blanket progress! I have two inches so far, and I'm not really using a pattern. I cast on multiples of 8 plus 4 extra for the edge, until it was wide enough to fit our full sized bed. Knit six rows, and then knit 4, purl 4 across, knitting the last four. Knit the next row (every odd row). For six rows, so you get little stockinette squares. Then six more plain knit rows.

I'm gonna keep going on this until I'm out of yarn, and I have eleven skeins. I've hardly made a dent in the first yet. It's a good mindless knit when I need a break from the Pikachu pattern, but it's very not portable so it might take me a long time. I hope it's not like a year long pattern like the shawl was. The nice thing is that it's simple enough to make small copies for baby blankets for my hope chest too.