Sunday, September 14, 2014

Adventures in Grey

Now that I'm done with all of the purple knitting I was doing, my more recent FOs are black, white, and grey. I can finally start a new thing, now that these are done, though!
The Avengers dice bag was knitted mostly flat. I knit a square, picked up the stitches, and worked in the round for about two inches. I then did the intarsia panel flat, and the back panel was also knitted flat, until they were the same length. I then rejoined them in the round and finished off with eyelets.

Also, a random bias knit scarf, with Vanna's Choice in colorway Charcoal. Because I told the boyfriend "Pick a yarn" and that's what he picked lol

Saturday, August 30, 2014

More Finished stuff!

 So I've been on a serious roll the past week or so, as I have not cast on almost anything new, with the exception of this baby hat and booties set. One of my best friends is trying for a child with her husband, and there will soon be a tiny sweater to match. (I JUST cast off the sleeve, with two inches of yarn left. Now, I just have to find buttons.)

 I also made a random hairclip, a blue-silver rose. Polymer clay, and it still needs glaze.
 A simple garter stitch scarf in gradient purples for my wonderful boyfriend :)

 And I finally finished the fish blanket, which I hadn't touched at all in at least a year before I finished it a few weeks ago.

Left in the WIP bag is the Cope shawl, the crocheted blanket from my ex's mother, a random ruffle scarf, some spinning, and a cross stitch. I may have some project monogamy in me yet!
As I've just started my final semester before graduating with my associate's degree, I might still not post often enough, but I can definitely attest to getting things done! I do still have a twitter (@KitsuneHotaru) and a Facebook to follow, as well as my store, where I am still posting things (like the hairclip or the fish blanket!), so keep an eye out!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lavender Garden

The shawl is finally done. It's beautiful, and giant, and finally, finally done.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Picture dump

I have made so many things since my last real update. I'm sorry for the radio silence. I miss you guys. Everything you see here will be up for sale in my storenvy, so check it out. Thanks guys.

Sunday, June 8, 2014


Life sure has been really crazy the past month.
I had final exams, mid-May, and immediately following my last exam, I started spending time in the hospital, waiting for a very close, and very sick friend to wake up. He was comatose. It was 15 hours a day of waiting, every single day for exactly 7 days. He never woke up; unfortunately, he did end up passing away. His service was last week, and now it's a lot of waiting and trying to put things back together. I am just flat out exhausted.
All the waiting left me plenty of time to crochet an entire scarf, because I just couldn't focus enough on the lace shawl to work on it.

It is available for sale in my store. Please check it out!

Monday, May 12, 2014


I hate to say that I will not be participating this year :( I just don't have time and I honestly haven't had any inspiration to do anything lately. I'm sorry guys

Sunday, May 4, 2014


I finally got a new online store posted and set up on Store Envy, and let me tell you, I like it SO MUCH MORE than Etsy. That isn't to say that Etsy is bad, but Store Envy is just so much easier. This is a really short post, as I haven't had a lot of time for crafting lately, but I will have things to show off soon, so check out my store or my Facebook in the meantime! I hope everyone is doing well!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Stressful Situations.

If everyone recalls, I was commissioned a very large, very intricate shawl some time ago. Yes, it has been quite some time. I feel terrible about the amount of time it has been taking, and the commissioner is very angry with me currently. Let me explain.
First off. Nine months is a lot of time. She originally requested the shawl way back in July, with the specific yarn and pattern that she had already bought. Since it wasn't out of my personal stash, I told her I would only charge $100 plus materials, and I keep whatever materials are left when it's done. She agreed, and gave me the yarn and pattern at the beginning of August. Unfortunately, after three or four false starts, I couldn't really knit much of it until the end of August, due to my wrist injury. I wasn't allowed to knit at all for nearly a month.
Once I got it started and got some real progress with it, mostly in September, I was doing my best to keep working on it while also working 20 hours a week and having a full (and then some) courseload for the semester at school. I am still on that schedule now, with work and school, so my "downtime" is very limited. I'm also trying to keep the mistakes on it to a minimum, as it is a very intricate shawl and I want it to be quality.
I have been keeping in contact with the commissioner, as we were friends before she asked for this. I gave her the friend price, and I've been keeping in contact, sending progress pictures, and doing my best. She has two children and goes to school for double what full time hours are. I had thought she would understand my lack of time to sit and work on it for eight hours a day. I was absolutely wrong.
I received a message from her the other night, that was very irate and unhappy, that she was sick of waiting and that nine months is more than enough. I said that I had about 80 rows left to do, and that I was doing my best to get it done as soon as I could. She got even angrier, and said she was sick of excuses and sick of waiting and that she wanted it now. I, trying to handle it as professionally as possible, said that I could bind it off and finish it now, but it would be smaller than she wanted, which made her angrier. She then demanded a full refund, including materials, if she didn't get exactly the size she requested, as that was what she paid for. At this point, I was also upset, because she really didn't pay for what she was requesting, and I explained to her that she didn't pay for a rush job and that I was working for quality, not speed. She continually insisted that I needed to finish it and give it to her and when I said it would be done soon, she angrily said "No, I want it as it is now, on the needles, I'll finish it myself."
I was absolutely floored. I waited about half an hour so that I could calm down (I was extremely angry because of this comment, and incredibly hurt), and replied that no, I would not be letting someone else finish my work because that would be wrong and that's not how the arrangement was set up in the first place. She kept insisting on it (this entire conversation went on for about six hours), so I finally said that her options were to A: let me finish it at the size she asked for without any further complaints; or B: I would give her a full refund, and unknit the entire shawl (which I would obviously not want to do because I've spend so much time working on it.) , and she could have the yarn back as well. I told her that my work is not something that is to be trivialized the way she has been doing and that I will not tolerate harassment over something I was told to take my time on in the first place.
As of yet, I am unsure of how well I handled this, but she seemed to accept that it would be done soon and left me alone about the whole thing. Can I ask for your guys' opinions on how this was handled? Or how you would have handled it? Thanks.

(I will also be updating a much happier blog post in a few days. I went to Florida to see my best friend for Spring Break, so I have lots to share!)

Monday, February 24, 2014

I'm alive! And I have FOs!

 School and work and the holidays kicked my ass. Now I'm back at school and work and my ass is still being kicked, but I'm plugging right along and trying my best. Thank you, everyone, for baring with me. I appreciate it. I have been posting WIPs on Facebook, which is part of why I've been so quiet here, but I haven't posted many FOs recently. I did a few clay things and knitted three out of five hats for a commission. I also have knitted this weird cocoon thing, and I've still got a second to knit, as part of the same commission. All of the pictures are as follows. The cocoon's color is more true to the close-up picture. As far as WIPs go, I have a few knitted things that are almost done and a cross-stitch almost done that I can post about next time. I hope it won't be too long between posts this time. Sorry again guys!